The rise of Polito-Echagüe

This feature shows us the musicians who abandoned Juan D’Arienzo en masse in March 1940 to form a new orchestra under the direction of pianist Juan Polito (on the right, with cigarette), including singer Alberto Echagüe (on the left). According to this article, the orchestra members had been obliged by law (contract) to keep working for D’Arienzo during another month after they announced their intention to break up with him. Sadly, no recordings were left by this Polito-Echagüe partnership.

This piece also mentions that D’Arienzo was already practising with his new orchestra, formerly under the direction of Hector Varela, who conceded leadership to the King of the Beat and instead became the arranger and lead bandoneonist. In contrast with Polito, D’Arienzo new formation did actually start recording music the same year.

d'arienzo breakup polito.png

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