D’Arienzo’s Imminent Comeback (1940)

After D’Arienzo was abandoned by his entire orchestra and his singer Alberto Echagüe in early 1940, he wasn’t exactly thinking about giving up on the tango business. After a few months of preparation and hard work, the popular King of the Beat returned to the stage as the new orchestra leader of Hector Varela’s band and thus, D’Arienzo’s 1940s sound was born. The following article features that preparation, and interestingly, D’Arienzo talks about the breakup with his previous musicians, something he doesn’t understand at all. Summary: ”It’s all their fault, I paid them a lot of money, I really didn’t do anything wrong and I wish they have treated ME more gently, but I won’t obstruct them because I prefer working on my own orchestra instead…”

d'arienzo new start.png

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