Ciriaco Ortiz with Alberto Amor

Today’s dance music is defined only by the recordings we have, and those recordings are only a part of what constituted tango music in the Golden Age. The picture below shows us a relatively important orchestra leader, Ciriaco Ortiz (left), who has no consistent output as far as recordings are concerned, perhaps apart from Orquesta Típica Los Provincianos in the early 1930s. Apparently, at some point in the early 40s he was working together with Alberto Amor, better known to modern-day dancers as one of Biagi’s singers. This combination may have led to interesting dance music, but like in many cases, no recordings mean we will most likely never know.

ciriaco ortiz alberto amor.png

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1 Response to Ciriaco Ortiz with Alberto Amor

  1. DJ Antonia says:

    Interesting however, to listen to some of the Trio and Sexteto recordings.


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