Troilo, writing arrangements

For musicians, a lot of (hidden) preparation goes into a single performance. This picture shows us the solitary side of a tango director like Troilo, who also had to spend a lot of time composing personal arrangements for existing music or simply authoring new songs. Here, we can see him writing something like that at home, accompanied by his famous bandoneon on the table.

troilo arrangements.png

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  1. jantango says:

    I saw original scores of Troilo which were digitally copied and then played during the centennial concert in 2014. His family discovered them after his death and made the treasure trove available to musicians.
    Troilo left his bandoneon to his friend Raul Garello, who kept it safely tucked away in the case for many years before giving it to the Academia Nacional del Tango. There have been concerts featuring the great bandoneonists playing the restored instrument of Anibal Troilo. It’s on display in the Museo Nacional del Tango.


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