Tanturi, a medical doctor?!

Alberto Castillo is famous for having been both a wildly popular singer and a gynaecologist, perhaps not the best combination for any serious medical practice, and indeed, he had to quit his job in the hospital because, typically, girls started flooding the place.

But who knew that his boss, Ricardo Tanturi, who was leading a major tango orchestra, was also working as a dentist? (this is what other sources say…) I am surprised he found the time to continue with this work, and perhaps he eventually quit, but in any case, there are several signs he did have an official background as a doctor.

tanturi doctor.png

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2 Responses to Tanturi, a medical doctor?!

  1. jantango says:

    What a great photo discovery in the newspaper archives! Tanturi and Castillo had more in common than only making great music together.


  2. Patricia says:

    The patient does not look that comfortable!!


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