D’Agostino with his orchestra and Vargas

Usually, photos of tango artists on the internet are portraits that look very posed and not quite natural. Both in music and especially the movie industry, there is a tendency for popular artists to ”show off” with an arrogant look, a studied pose, an ”attractive” or ”sexy” attitude, perhaps as a way to cater to their fans and admirers.

However, some photos do show artists in a more natural way, even though they are still posing for a camera, but perhaps just not for a posh portrait. Below, you can appreciate the orchestra of Ángel D’Agostino, who himself is seen sitting at the piano, with a smiling face. Next to him, in a light suit, we can discern his great companion Ángel Vargas, with a friendly, relaxed look, unlike some other pictures.

I enjoy the relative naturalness of this scene below, which seems very appropriate for an orchestra that made humble, restraint, understated music, yet at the same time very solid, sensitive, nostalgic and danceable too.

d'agostino orchestra.png

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1 Response to D’Agostino with his orchestra and Vargas

  1. jantango says:

    It appears they were asked to gather around the piano in the studio, and the photo is so natural. I couldn’t help by notice all the scratches on the piano which is definitely not a Steinway or Baldwin.


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