How to survive Corona times? Learn from the best!

When you first began dancing tango, you probably couldn’t have imagined that one day, you would be stuck at home with no access whatsoever to any tango salon. Sure, maybe one day you would have some kind of back or knee injury and unable to go to the milonga, but that’s peanuts compared to all the milongas actually being closed. And… let’s say there’s a slight chance you aren’t quite the sports type, so without your musical calorie burner, how on earth are you going to stay fit?

Well, fortunately for you, once again your lord and savior shall be Francisco Lomuto. Yes, Lomuto, the original tango comedian who’s always leading the way in your life. Adult responsibilities taking their toll? No problem, just relive some of your best childhood memories. Has the love of your life just abandoned you? A strong drink’s ready for you, sweetheart. Feeling stuck in a dead-end job? Just move and laugh a little, for God’s sake. Feeling lonely? Let Lomuto be your wingman. Can’t decide which instrument to learn? Just play all possible ones.

And today, señor Lomuto brings his inevitable answer to all your Corona troubles. Let’s stay fit by swinging, and I am not referring to jazz dance or a form of liberal sexual behavior, because neither are a good idea in Corona times. Instead, just ride/swing the swing, like you used to do when you were a little kid. Simply put on some rhythmic tango music and feel the happiness hormones get to work again. Lomuto has your back.

lomuto swing

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