Polito & Echagüe having a smoke

Not recording anything is hard work. Sorry, I mean: only playing live, and never recording anything, is hard work. Back in the early 40s, a smoking break was inevitable, because everyone smoked like a chimney. I understand the smoking habit, but not that I cannot play a single recording by these guys in the milongas. I just can’t understand why.

By the way, as you may have guessed from the age difference, Alberto Echagüe can be seen on the left, working for D’Arienzo’s runaway pianist and fresh orchestra leader from 1940 onwards, Juan Polito. He only started recording when the Golden Age was already long past, and our milongas lack very important rhythmical music from the heart of the best era because of that. I am going to keep repeating that, yes.

polito echague.png

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